Empire Building: Versace Milan Menswear Autumn/Winter 2014-15

Fashion and brands are practically synonymous, but Versace takes the concept of brand immersion to a whole new level in its Autum/Winter 2014-15 menswear collection. Models carry backpacks, plates and towels branded with the famous Medusa’s head, while the entrance to the catwalk is wrapped in the designer’s cushions, lamps and bed linen.

Such bold use of the Varsace name is pleasingly balanced with the style of the summer: inspired by the “Cuban Soul,” Versace was keen to give men “a new sense of easy”—and the menswear certainly has a relaxed, unhurried masculinity to it. The soft pastel hues of pink and blue evoke the Havana skyline, and jackets are emblazoned with distinctive, almost tribal Cuban graffiti.

This sense of ease extends into the confidence to play with designs traditionally regarded as feminine, with broderie anglaise and macramé textiles spearheaded by an ice-cream strawberry shirtless suit. Towels draped like togas, an abundance of white and gold and the unmistakable geometric pattern of the Greek key echo of the empires of Byzantine Greece, adding a modern touch with white jeans embroidered with gold leaves and loafers lined with gold link. Such displays bring the theme full-circle to Versace’s namesake logo, and the building of a fashion dynasty.

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