A Royal Return: Tom Ford London Womens Autumn/Winter 2014-15

By the designer’s own admission, Tom Ford’s collection last year was something of a maximalist approach, with loud colors, patterns and ethnics. The contrast to this season couldn’t be any clearer: the colors are stripped backed to be nearly monochrome, while the designs are classic and, at first glance, quite simple. Yet this is Tom Ford, and as always, the design oozes luxury—but this time it’s a “modest luxury.”

Ford draws upon his love for 1960s graphic quality with long-sleeved tops, velvet turtleneck dresses and mid-length pencil skirts, cut up the back to reveal fishnet stockings drawn to the knee. Also of the era is a throwback to Ford’s childhood in New Mexico, with cowboy boots returning in a big way in the form of silhouettes and block colors. Flashes of overt extravagance appear in vast fur coats and cheeky sequined jerseys as a nod to Jay-Z and Beyonce’s patronage, subtle hints of patriotism weaving a delicate, personal tapestry for the American designer.

Tom Ford instantly conjures images of classic Gucci and fashion royalty. This collection echoes a throwback to that fashion peak, and will surely consolidate Ford’s claim to the throne of effortless luxury.

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