Simplicity is King at Paul Smith Spring/Summer 2015

In his own words, Paul Smith’s collection for Spring/Summer 2015 is “all about an effortless and confident way of dressing.” For when you have been in the industry for over four decades, as Sir Paul Smith has, one thing you learn is that more often than not in fashion, simplicity is king.

Paul Smith’s latest collection celebrates utility: practical, wearable clothes which make a statement without being attention-seeking. There was nothing garish about his Spring/Summer 2015 contribution, and his outfits caught onlookers’s eyes through their modest but modern detailing. Standout pieces included a white tunic fringed with leather, a deck chair-striped drop waist dress and culottes featuring the same print. Tailoring was key, proving that comfortable, wearable fashion can be the chicest.

Utility did not stop at the models’s clothes, also being manifested in their accessories. Completing most looks was an oversized bag, held by hand or slung across the shoulder. The combination of sophisticated yet practical clothing and large bags created the impression that this collection could be taken from catwalk to commute with a click of the fingers.

Models corroborated the apparent effortless of their wardrobe, sporting sunglasses and some with hands thrown nonchalantly in pockets as they made their way down the catwalk.
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