Riff Raff is Dead

You can now take Riff Raff to prom for just $28,000. We can only suspect this would mean prom photos that would be worth more than a million words and a matching his-and-her prom outfit that would make Katy Perry jealous. But how much more can a man sell out? Does he actually care enough about high school popularity and a few grand to exploit himself like this? Or is it an elaborate joke? Either way, we are still fascinated and deeply in love with the legend, Jody Highroller aka: Katy Perry’s date to the 2014 MTV VMAs.

Riff Raff Making Money in Los Angeles

Riff Raff is a fashionista in his own right, but his neon icon manifesto is a trend that has died and the all-over-print is no longer on it’s way up. Put the neon aside and you can still see Riff Raff’s relevance in fashion with his head-to-toe monochromatic outfits and ironic ‘Versace’ everything. If you are going to take fashion tips from Riff Raff, try to take everything with a grain of salt because looking like you are perpetually on spring break isn’t what made him relevant––it’s his ‘I-don’t-give-a-$h!t’ attitude that has the world baited.

It isn’t uncommon to take fashion advice from a personality or a pseudo-celebrity who has invented a character. In the past, Tupac Shakur was originally in Digital Underground which, like many late 1980s hip hop groups, was much more playful and fun than Tupac’s later alter ego: a tough gangster from the streets of Los Angeles. Before his reinvention, hip hop fashion was colorful like most things from the 80s. After Tupac released 2pacalypse Now, however, the world’s outlook on rap, and it’s fashion, changed forever.

Tupac in his Digital Underground days.

But to everyone’s disbelief, Tupac was a caricature of a hard African American gangster who only became a reality in later years. Much in the same way Riff Raff was originally a character of an excess fueled, rap superstar who is now a real person. Undeniably he has influenced art and fashion, see Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers.

Riff Raff Making Money With Friend

Just because Riff Raff’s influence on the fashion world is coming to an end, doesn’t mean he himself has become irrelevant. In fact, he is now cementing himself in the annals of comedic excess celebrity with the likes of 2 Chainz and Floyd Mayweather.
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