‘Girls’ Stars Take Over the Black Carpet

Season 4 was kicked off with the cast of HBO hit, Girls, taking to the black carpet in character appropriate attire. At the event, HBO also announced that the show will renew for a fifth season.

Jenn Rogien, the series costume designer, explained how styles are created to suit each character, “I live in Brooklyn, so I sort of do a lot of on-the-fly street-style research. I also look at street-style blogs, fashion magazines, retail catalogs.”

Jenn went on to say, “Certainly in the first couple of seasons when we were paying a lot of attention to reflecting how scattered Hannah was very much through the fit of her clothes. And sometimes that was reflected in a hem length: too short, too long, hit at an awkward place on the leg or we’d play with or drop the waist line to make them hit at not quite the right places, that literally just looks rumpled and off.”

See all of the Girls’ red carpet looks above!
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