Elle Magazine Starts Lawsuit Against Designer Elle

Designer Elle Sasson, has become Elle magazine’s latest target. Elle Magazine is demanding she drop the name “Elle” because it could confuse consumers. Sasson’s father, Maurice––famous for rocking the fashion world in the 1970’s with Sasson Jeans––supports his daughter and claims he didn’t steal the magazine’s title to name his daughter.

Elle Magazine

Elle Sasson was born in 1988, while Elle magazine was born in 1945, and both reside in Manhattan. Sasson has been designing for years and Elle Magazine has even applauded her work.

Elle’s newest editor in chief, Francoise-Marie Santucci, could not be reached for comment.

The beauty and fashion magazine is trying “to control the manner in which Elle Sasson, 27, uses her own natural name and brand ‘Elle Sasson’ in the fashion marketplace,” according to the Manhattan federal court lawsuit.

Elle Magazine’s creative director, Joe Zee, was not available to comment on the lawsuit.

The young designer is worried that the jeopardy of her fashion line would be in the balance if she couldn’t use her birth name.

Elle magazine seems to be afraid of becoming irrelevant in the event that Elle Sasson became a household name. The classic magazine seems to be forgetting that fashion is art and art has no rules.

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