DUI Master, Lindsay Lohan, Sells Car Insurance in Super Bowl Ad

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Esurance just released a teaser for their latest Super Bowl ad campaign starring Lindsay Lohan. What is the 28-year-old actress with more DUIs than Paris Hilton doing promoting car insurance? It appears that Lindsay is growing up and learning to poke fun at herself, and we’re on board.

Lately she’s been partying in Paris at Le Titty Twister until five in the morning, days before her community service hours are due. "[She] came in with two friends around 3 in the morning and stayed until around 5, 5:30," a source told People.

Before her wild night in Paris, she was caught red handed for photoshopping a picture she posted to Instagram. Immediately fans were in an upheaval, either throwing mud or telling her she was too beautiful to need photoshop.

Despite all the little birdies singing sweet nothings about our favorite redhead, she is still fabulous. Lohan’s been a beautiful tragedy, but her fashion has always been sharp and on trend. Just look at the slideshow for proof.
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