2 Chainz For Mayor

The ever interesting rap superstar, 2 Chainz, announced his intent to run for mayor later this year in the city of PARK CITY, Georgia. When first discussed, it was a joking subject, but the idea must have sparked a fuse in the 37-year-old rapper. 2 Chainz is best known for his impeccable style, lyrical bliss and ability to spend money. Politician? Maybe.

When Atlanta Journal-Constitution talked to Mr. Chainz he said, “I am looking forward to running at the end of this year or next year. [I’m] waiting to see if I meet all of the qualifications!” Although he has no political background, he has inspired many to action with his glowing presence in the public spotlight. It could be entirely possible for him to win the election.

There is no way of knowing whether he will follow through with his words or if he is capable of the job, but one thing is for sure: 2 Chainz has style for days.
Blaine  Fuller
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