Madonna Unleashes Naughty New Video on Snapchat

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Madonna continues to innovate and stay relevant by debuting her latest music video onto the application Snapchat. Currently, the only way to view the music video is on the application but it will be available on other platforms in less than twenty four hours.

Madonna’s newest look via Snapchat.

The song is titled Living For Love and the video features the queen of pop dressed as a matador with backup dancers dressed as bulls. Her album is set for release on March 11th. The corset ensembles compliment Madonna’s fit figure and her trademarked lace gloves make a return in this video as well. Die hard Madonna fans will rejoice in seeing her return to the spotlight just as fashionable as ever.

Madonna’s iconic looks have influenced the world’s fashion scene time and time again. Check out the video to see Madonna’s groundbreaking outfits over the years.
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