Dina Litovsky Exposes Fashion Week Like Never Before

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Dina Litovsky is a photographer based out of Brooklyn who is making big noise in the fashion world for her inventive and original photography. She frequently photographs at fashion weeks in Paris, London and New York and is known for her work for New York Magazine and The New York Times. This week, the artist has a gallery up of her bizarre take on fashion week in the Anastasia Photo gallery in New York City.

“It’s the same thing over and over again: the same models, the same photographers, and the same environment. The challenge was to get a different picture,” Litovsky said about her avant garde style of photography. She captures her signature looks with a handheld flash and a bit of luck, timing and balls of steel.

Check out the slideshow to see some of her incredible photography.

All photos courtesy of Dina Litovsky via Instagram
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