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Nothing is sexier than 22-year-old Selena Gomez topless on the cover of V Magazine. Earlier today she revealed the cover on Instagram, causing uproar and criticism. Has our little princess from the Disney days gone too far? Or is this just a natural course of action for former Disney stars? Either way, we can’t blame her for flaunting her amazing body.

Photo courtesy of Selena Gomez via Instagram

The first photo released by Gomez features the star on the cover of V Magazine and shows off her trademark luscious locks spilling over her bare chest. Shortly after, the star revealed a second photo where she is dressed in a gingham two-piece and looks like she’s caught between sunbathing or going to the rodeo. Admittedly, not one of her best looks.

Photo courtesy of Selena Gomez via Instagram.

Gomez was recently asked to take part of the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast, which she vehemently declined saying, “I am focused on the here and now.” That here and now is boyfriend Zedd. That didn’t stop Gomez from calling Beiber her first love, however.

In the interview, which was conducted by her Spring Breakers co-star James Franco, the star revealed “That’s a growing up kind of thing. I was 18-years-old, and it was my first love. The older I get, I’m guarding certain things more. After being put through the scrutiny, I understand what it is. When you’re young and you’re being told so many different things … it almost felt like all we had was each other, like the world was against us, in a way. It was really weird, but it was incredible. I would never take it back in a million years. You live and you learn, you know?”.

The anticipation for the magazine’s release is running high as March is just on the horizon. Will the magazine reveal any more risqué photos? Here’s hoping!
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