Fuzzy Dude Spotted in the Front Row: GIF Genius Makes NYFW Fun Again

The GIF master, ballsy photographer, and motion graphic designer, John McLaughlin, has made New York Fashion Week fun again. It’s easy to forget that fashion is meant to be fun in a crowd of beautiful people that never smile and make you feel self-conscious. Fashion is often about attitude as much as it is about design, and smiling is usually not the face of choice.

McLaughlin has made some of the most fashionable and memorable GIFs of all time. There are a cornucopia of models, celebrities, and editors in his latest NYFW series––all of whom are holding his creation ‘Fuzzy Dude’.

Whoopi Goldberg and her granddaughter at Milk Studios.

The GIF genius spoke to the Huffington Post about his invention. "I was messing around in my downtime and experimenting with the dynamic hair texture," he explained. "It started to look like a character so I threw eyes on it and it just looked funny. I made it move, posted a GIF on Tumblr and it randomly got tagged and shared."

Girls’ star, Zosia Mamet, at Jill Stuart’s show.

The boy wonder of animation was invited to attend NYFW last year, but thought “What am I going to do? I'm an animator, and there are already all these talented fashion photographers.”

Anna Wintours at Wes Gordon’s show.

As McLaughlin continues to be part of NYFW, he is learning and becoming more aware of his surroundings. "I'm getting there... I'm learning more each time. This is definitely a big step up, I mean, I knew who Anna Wintour was this season."

The founder of Man Repeller, Leandra Medine, with the Fuzzy Dude..

To see more celebrity and Fuzzy Dude, go to McLaughlin's Instagram and Tumblr.

All photos courtesy of John McLaughlin via Tumblr.
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