Kanye West’s Dinner Date with Taylor Swift

After Kanye West’s outburst at the Grammy Awards back in 2008 when Taylor Swift won best album over Beyonce, the two have had a rocky friendship. The rumor mill started spinning at this year’s Grammys when the two enemies met each other with smiles and hugs on the red carpet. No one believed it to be true that the two had put away their differences. Some even went as far as to claim they were friends and working on music together.

Kanye West and Taylor Swift pose for a photo at the Grammy Awards this year.

All of the rumors came to a halt earlier this week when the pair were seen in New York City having dinner to discuss music. Kanye went on Ryan Seacrest’s radio program and confirmed the details. The two are in fact working together and Kanye is thrilled at the opportunity to work with Swift.

What kind of music do you think the duo will make? Is this the beginning of something beautiful? Stay tuned as the details unfold.
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