Nicole Richie Reveals Perfect Pink Pixie Cut

Nicole Richie chopped it all off and went from sky blue to bubble gum pink for Tom Ford’s fashion show in Los Angeles. Critics were raving about Nicole’s latest do, and this extreme cut is looking like it could take the media by storm.

There’s no better place for a big unveiling of an extreme hair cut and color than a big show like Tom Ford’s. Photo courtesy of Nicole Richie via Instagram.

The whirlwind of hairstyles and colors Nicole Richie’s hair has been through in the last two years is remarkable in that she can pull off every look effortlessly. The 33-year-old starlet has turned from questionable reality star to a fashion icon.

This year, for the first time, Richie is to be an International Ambassador at the Golden Slipper Carnival in Sydney. The Australian Turf club is looking to modernize and inject youth into the crowd at their events by hosting celebrities like Richie. The coveted horse racing event is to coincide with hubby’s, former Good Charlotte frontman Joel Madden’s, return to Australia’s The Voice. Coincidence? We think not.
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