Chiara Ferragni on Blogging and Starting The Blonde Salad

Chiara Ferragni owns one of the most successful fashion blogs on the internet. Her blog, called The Blonde Salad, recently went under Harvard law school’s microscope in their first ever fashion blogger case study.

The company currently makes $8 million a year through e commerce and partnerships with luxury brands such as Dior and Burberry. The blog started up in 2009 and has since grown into a one woman operation into a company employing 16 additional people.

Ferragni and co-founder, Riccardo Pozzoli, dished out the details on how they established such an incredible blog. Pozzoli told Refinery29 about the beginning of The Blonde Salad, "We were young students and it was not easy for us to say 'no' to such proposals with high financial reward. But, we decided to stay away because we knew that if we wanted to work in fashion, we could not sell Chiara as a showgirl." By waiting for buzz to grow, they enabled their site to be accessible to high fashion brands which propelled them to the upper echelons.

Nowadays brands sponsor Ferragni to attend fashion shows and store openings around the world, but the first season Ferragni received invitations to international shows, she and Pozzoli paid for their own travel and expenses. "We were actively seeking invitations to the fashion weeks of New York, Paris, London, Stockholm, and we were paying for all the expenses ourselves," Pozzoli explains.

Now, Pozzoli and Ferragni are owners of a multimillion dollar fashion empire. Hey, everyone has to start somewhere right?
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