Lupita Nyong’o’s $150K Dress a Fake?

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Lupita Nyong'o's dress was stolen out of her West Hollywood hotel room on February 26. The dress is estimated to be worth $150k and is made from 6,000 natural white pearls. The Los Angeles Police Department have recovered what they believe to be the dress, but in a statement made to the press, Nicole Nishida, LAPD spokeswoman, said, “We do have possession of a dress that greatly reassembles the dress that was stolen but I don't think at this time we can 100 percent say it's that dress, but it greatly resembles it.”

Photo courtesy of Lupita Nyong’o via Instagram.

The dress was last seen on Thursday night, and officials have said that the Calvin Klein dress could be worth well over $150k on the black market. The dress in question was later found in a bathroom at the London Hotel.

"There are a lot of collectors out there who are very private and have private collections of stolen merchandise," said style expert and fashion commentator Mary Alice Stephenson. "Some of these dresses have global fame as big as any Van Gogh."

The dress is being analyzed and the results of whether the dress is legitimate or not will be released in the next few days.
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