Kanye West’s Surprise Concert Sold Out at Paris Fashion Week

Kanye West is up to his antics again with a surprise concert in the middle of Paris Fashion Week. Bernard Arnault hooked up with Kanye to orchestrate the impromptu concert at the auditorium of his Fondation Louis Vuitton, the new Frank Gehry art destination that will put on display Edvard Munch’s “The Scream,” Henri Matisse’s “Dance” and other modern masterpieces later this month.

In attendance was Oscar-winning film director and video artist Steve McQueen twirling his scarf over his head up in the VIP box. The entire crowd waved cellphones inside the cramped, sold out theater.

Kanye performing at the Louis Vuitton Foundation Frank Gehry Museum last night

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Also on display at the show was an exhibition of portraits of Kanye West by photographer Jackie Nickerson and the latest Kanye West music video in collaboration with Steve McQueen––in McQueen’s first music video effort––of a track off of Kanye’s upcoming album, So Help Me God.
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