Kathy Griffin Throws in the Towel with Fashion Police

After her interview yesterday, making a DMZ between herself and the Rancic Zendaya debacle, Kathy Griffin announced her resignation from Fashion Police over Twitter. E! claims the show will go on starting Monday with Rancic, Brad Goreski and Melissa Rivers still on board.

Griffin hinted at her disdain after just seven episodes in her interview yesterday saying, "Look, God knows my — how shall I say — repertoire over all these years on TV and live touring has used some language I wouldn't use today, but people just aren't into that stuff anymore. Name-calling and alliteration with no comedic context is simply the lowest hanging fruit."

Photo courtesy of Kathy Griffin via Instagram.

Following in Kelly Osbourne’s footsteps, the 54-year-old comedian is looking toward the future for new opportunities more attuned to her comedic style and vision. Osbourne jumped on Twitter to commend Griffin on her move away from the toxic situation at Fashion Police.

Now with two empty seats, NeNe Leakes’s prophecy is coming closer to fruition as taking Joan River’s throne.
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