Indian Model Bhumika Arora is Breaking the Model Mold

A very typical debate in the fashion industry is the obvious racial divide on the catwalk, but normally it is a black and white debate. A lot of races are being left out of the debate, however, and aren’t being represented on the runways either. In particular, there is a lack of models of South Asian descent. One woman is becoming the face of the revolution of racial justice in the fashion world, and that is Indian model Bhumika Arora.

Photo courtesy of Bhumika Arora via Instagram.

Arora was born in Karnal, India and has been an international model since 2013. Most recently the 27-year-old model made the rounds during fashion month this year and has walked for some of the biggest names in the industry, like Stella McCartney and Bamain.

When asked about the lack of diversity in the industry, Arora said to Style, “I honestly don’t know the exact reason—it could be a number of factors, but I hope that I can work hard and become part of a movement that keeps fashion as international as possible.”
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