How to Style the Apple Watch According to Elle

Elle Australia just published the first ever fashion advice for styling the Apple Watch alongside an incredible photoshoot. Elle says inside, magazine readers will find "three Apple Watches, in different bands, paired with this season's power pieces."

Model Sara Smith sports the watch in designer name black and white outfits while Apple’s high security monitored the shoots. Elle said the black and white outfit was influenced by martial arts and have a “karate-inspired edge”, but was adamant about no other jewellery being in the photos because “the watch is the hero.”

Photo courtesy of Elle Australia

Justine Cullen––Elle’s editor-in-chief––says she is a fan of the Apple Watch, but says "I want one. I’m sad that the Edition version costs US$10K because it’s by far the prettiest, but I’m definitely a fan of the functionalities in the more accessible versions."

Cullen understands the fashion side of the tech and said, “Is it going to change your life? Probably not in the way the iPhone did.But is it a fun new piece of arm candy that will look good on your wrist and impress the boys? Absolutely."

For more of Elle’s styling tips, visit their website here.
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