David Beckham Dressed by Victoria ‘99% of the time’

After David Beckham’s fun H&M launch in Madrid, he confessed he isn’t as fashion savvy as his wife, Spice Girl turned fashion guru, Victoria Beckham. But how often are David’s fashion blunders––the all leather matching outfits for the red carpet, the silver tracksuit to meet the prime minister, or the sarong and sandals––Victoria’s fault?

“She's told me quite often because honesty is important when you're in a relationship,' David said of Victoria to Daily Mail. “She's very honest, and when she doesn't like what I'm wearing, she tells me straight. She gives me advice because her vision of fashion is marvelous and her business is going great. I listen to her advice 99 percent of the time.”

Over the years, the Beckhams continue to do the matchy matchy, but have become more savvy and chic in the way they go about it. Victoria is a successful fashion business woman in her own right and has been keeping David out of the sweats and trucker hats of yesteryears. The entire family is now considered part of the fashion industry with young Brooklyn Beckham booking his first major campaign with Reserved this week.
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