H&M Trolled By Scandinavian Metal Scene

Mortus, Lany, Grey, and Mystic Triangle are three bands you may not recognize, but over night they have produced music under the record label named Strong Scene. The hoax behind it all is that these bands were spawned from patches emblazoned onto H&M jackets in order to make them look ‘metal’, but in fact these are not bands at all.

It all seemed a bit fishy when Facebook and Twitter pages for the record label were only a week old, but eventually the truth came out and the label admitted it was a collective of artists trying to prove that H&M has no idea about the metal scene and shouldn’t be slapping patches on to anything black in order to call it metal.

Henri “Trollhorn” Sorvali, keyboardist for Finntroll and guitarist/keyboardist for Moonsorrow (both real bands from Helsinki), admitted in an interview with Noisey that he is indeed a member of the Strong Scene collective.

Now that we all know, #BoycottHM.
Blaine  Fuller
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