5 Pictures of Lorde and Her Boyfriend Being Adorable

Lorde and her boyfriend, James Lowe, have just celebrated their two year anniversary and the couple couldn’t be more in love. How Lorde finds time between hanging with her super fly friends––like Karlie Kloss, Taylor Swift, and Kanye West to name a few––tour endlessly, make new music, and date Lowe is a mystery that seems to only point to the fact that she is not a humanoid.

"Two years, and sandstorms, and the stars haven't left my eyes," Lorde wrote on her Instagram to commemorate the special day for the couple, making doves cry all around the world. Equally adorable was Lowe’s own Instagram post of the couples silhouettes standing side by side with a caption that read, “years w my shadows best friend.”

If you are looking for relationship goals, look no further than Lowe’s personal Instagram. He and Lorde have perfected what looks to be in a healthy relationship. Amen.
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