Jessica Simpson’s Billion Dollar Success Story

Dead celebrity fashion brands litter the retail marketplace, but one brand that is raking in a billion annually is Jessica Simpson’s line. From David Hasselhoff’s Malibu Dave, Mandy Moore’s Mblem and Heidi Montag’s Heidiwood, the list of worthless famous name brands are off the charts. Jessica’s line, however, hasn’t faltered and has bloomed into a successful empire in the past decade.

What makes Jessica’s brand so attractive? There is something for everybody, regardless of size or age. “I have been every size on the planet, and I understand—I feel like I understand women,” Simpson said at Forbes’s annual Power Women’s Summit in 2014. “I know there’s all different kinds, you know. There’s life and a whole entire world beyond L.A. and New York. And I do understand the Middle America, and their mindset.”

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Very few celebrities have been able to make the big jump into fashion, and the names are few and far between. Among the few success stories include Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen’s business empire, which includes popular mid market line Elizabeth and James whose estimated value is at a billion dollars while Ivanka Trump’s label sweeps in about $250 million in annual sales.

Jessica is looking to expand her business by teaming up with Sequential Brands Group, according to WWD. Jessica previously worked closely with Vince Camuto, until he passed away earlier this year.
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