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Nicola Jallim United Kingdom

“I have no fear of being the underdog. I’m very competitive. I’m very passionate about being creative. Whatever it is from singing to dancing to designing, styling, that is my passion, that is what I live for, what I breath for, being able to create.”

Nicola Jallim is primarily an actress, singer and model in the UK. In fact, she has competed in the World Championships of Performing Arts in Los Angeles and brought home two silver medals for her country. Regardless of her theater background, Nicola has always had the passion for fashion. Growing up, she learned how to sew from the influence of her mother and grandmother. What started out as a hobby in customizing clothes and designing for herself, she recently started to pursue it as a business and set up her own clothing line Creative Souls House. Nicola is self-taught, which might make her an underdog, but she’s a person who also loves a challenge.