Tom Cruise’s New Blockbuster: The London Premiere of Edge of Tomorrow

One of the most dynamic science fiction films of the year is American military themed sci-fi film Edge of Tomorrow directed by Doug Liman. Based on the novel All You Need is Kill by Japanese science fiction writer Hiroshi Sakurazaka, the film has a central concept similar to American comedy film Groundhog Day, in which actor Bill Murray constantly re-lived the same day over to comic effect. Far from a comedy, Edge of Tomorrow is set in the near future in the aftermath of a savage invasion by aliens and a resultant war that has laid waste to Europe, a idea that metaphorically links the fantasy to real events of the second world war.

Superstar American actor Tom Cruise plays the film's main character Major William Cage - a military public relations officer with no taste for violence, pressed into combat against the aliens, who upon his death, finds himself in an endless time loop. As time passes his fighting prowess increases as does his knowledge of the nature of the alien menace. Teaming up with Special Forces soldier Rita Vratasaki played by Emily Blunt and scientist Dr Carter played by Noah Taylor they began to devise a method to defeat the alien forces.

The film is an explosive affair featuring a powerful visual combination of both physical and 3D effects that push the envelope of modern SFX design in motion pictures. Fashion One was on hand for the glamorous London premiere of Edge of Tomorrow to speak to the stars, and Tom Cruise noted the originality of the films concept and how enjoyable the process was of devising the characters individual death sequences while Emily Blunt praised her co-stars professionalism but also how amusing and fun Tom Cruise was to act with.
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