Francesca Liberatore at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2015

Fashion One host Krista Cousins takes us behind the scenes at Francesca Liberatore's runway show, where she unveiled her Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

“Today at Francesca we are doing the Love Fashion VIP treatment. Before the makeup we’re cleaning the models’ skin with jojoba oil, and then we use warm stone with infrared energy that reduces stress, improves circulation and skin texture – the girls love it,” said Cygalle Dias, founder and owner of Cygalle Healing Spa. “The make-up artists like it because we’re preparing the skin, and we love it because we love fashion and beauty.”

“The looks are really simple today. We’re putting the hair in a tight, high ponytail. The collection being inspired by birds, we just really wanted to create a real loose and effortless chignon at the top, just with a knot, and we’re spraying just to give that bird of paradise flower feel. It’s just something really simple,” explained Matthew Curtis, lead hairstylist at Global Stylists of Tresemme.

Sasha Selhi, lead make-up artist from Vincent Longo Cosmetics gave a breakdown of the look for the show. “Today, actually, we’re deriving inspiration from the designers fabrications and from her inspiration, which was really nature, beauty and birds,” she said. “We’re using blushes on the eyes, our lightweight water canvas foundation, which mimics the look of skin, some graphic orange eyeliner on the bottom and some white in the waterline to brighten the eye, and a gorgeous nude lip.”
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