Belstaff Biker Boys Rock and Roll Back to the 50s

The Belstaff autumn/winter 2015-16 mens collection entitled “Ton Up Boys” was introduced at London Collections : Men. The name “Ton Up Boys” was taken from the gangs of motorcyclists often known as “greasers” in the 1950s who enjoyed dancing to rock and roll and riding and living fast. The historic British brand is well known for its wearable jackets and motorcycle gear and more recently its crossover appeal into mainstream fashion popularity, which is a testament to the unrelenting cool of the leather jacket.

The presentation was held in an underground car park with vintage footage projected onto walls and the models straddling motorbikes and lounging in a recreated retro pit stop diner. Classic bikes and genuine bikers mixed amongst the fashion crowds with a suitably rock and roll live performance by UK band The Propellers.

The collection saw continued reinterpretation of the biker jacket, combining classic leather with other fabrics and featuring checkerboard racing flag designs as well as motifs and symbols reminiscent of the original bikers custom personalized logos and insignia. Fleece collars, roll neck sweaters and heavy knits brought softer textures whilst keeping the look classically masculine. Much like the original Ton Up Boys, the collection paid homage to the iconic male biker portrayed by Marlon Brando in the 1953 film The Wild One.
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