Stephanie Coudert Celebrates Her Middle Eastern Influence in Her Debut Couture Collection

Fashion One brings you the Stephanie Coudert Haute Couture show spring/summer 2015 from Paris. The fashion show was held in the museum of Institut du Monde d’Arabe (The Arab World Institute), a fitting location for a collection inspired in part by the Middle East.

Stephanie Coudert speaks to us about her upbringing in Tehran, Iran and Baghdad, Iraq and the influential memory of her mother expressing her femininity at the times by wearing a bold orange dress in the midst of war. The links between femininity, freedom and the East have been very inspiring to the designer’s work and her life. She was also excited to talk about the future of ready-to-wear couture and referenced in particular her stylish trousers which take a week to make but will last a lifetime, whether in Paris or Tehran.

In her first haute couture collection, Coudert explores the freedom of expression in her designs and the freedom of volume in her pieces. To give the garments the appearance of being suspended and reliant of those who wear them the models wore half-pointe shoes without heels. The pieces featured fluid drapes and folds with sophisticated slits and cut outs in printed fabrics with flashes of bold colors, orange, yellow ochre and desert hues.
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