CROP TOPS-Why they can work for everyone

Until this past year we have been accustomed to seeing crop tops exclusively worn by pop stars or girls under the age of 23. For obvious reasons this is not a look that everybody can get away with. Maybe I’ve refused to grow up, maybe it’s because I’m a product of the 80’s, but the inner teenager in me is strong - along with a desire to look like the 80’s fashion icon’s of my youth. I’ve noticed over the last few seasons, that crop tops have been slowly back into our wardrobe’s again and it seem like they are here to stay; or while the weather lasts at least (depending on where you are). So, if like me you love a good crop top, but perhaps are not as flat stomached as you once were, you will be happy to hear that we are seeing a trend that I for one am championing; wearing a crop top over a done up preppy shirt. It satisfies my urge to wear a crop top and prevents me looking like a complete idiot. Win, Win! If you feel like opting for the full baring of the stomach, please, leave a bit to the imagination and keep the waist high. With so many styles out there you can actually work the crop top to your advantage whether you have a flat midriff or not. By layering a crop top over a lighter top this will detract the attention from the problematic area. If your more of a cropped bustier girl, try pairing it up with the 50’s bell skirts or a maxi skirt like the Dolce and Gabbana Campaign below.

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