Naomi Watts, Is the New Princess Diana!!

Our favorite Australian actress and Oscar nominee Naomi Watts is incarnating Lady Diana in the film, “Diana.” Oliver Hirschbiegel, who is best know for his portrayal of the last days of Hitler in the movie “Downfall,” directs this drama. The rumoured nine-week shoot is currently being filmed on location mainly in Croatia, Mozambique and in and around London. “Diana” is billed as a love story between Princess Diana and heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan, that retraces some of her happier times, juxtaposed against some of the last moments of her eventful and somewhat tragic life. Naomi really seems to have embraced this role, and her resemblance to Lady Diana is uncanny and at times almost haunting. We can’ t wait to see this movie which is due out in February 2013! Read more at: Entertainment Wise

Naomi Watts as Diana

Princess Diana

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