Fashion One features Meet with Eva Herzigova : Acting Career

Forever a true beauty icon approaching her 40s, Eva Herzigova fondly looks back on her career : a faultless journey enameled by many experiences in cinema.Following the example of Monica Bellucci or Diane Kruger, Eva is just as committed.

Eva Herzigova : Throughout my modelling career, I remember my first proposal, it was with Alain Terzain, a Jean Marie Poiré production, with Depardieu and Clavier and Les Anges Gardiens. So I did that and there have been several other projects, a Stanley Kubrick one, a James Bond one, they were never made because I'd never agree to be exposed in the way they wanted. After, I did others, and now it has resumed, after a 10 year break, I have just finished an Italian film. I have another project in the Czech Republic, so they are very nice roles and they are real actress roles. So it makes me happy, because before I was offered model roles, beautiful women, women as objects.
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