Fashion One features Meet with Eva Herzigova : approaching 40 years old

Forever a true beauty icon approaching her 40s, top model of the 90s, Eva Herzigova fondly looks back on her career : a flawless journey, carried out with intelligence by this multitalented model. Meet with a radiant woman, in which the face embodies the beauty of the house of Dior as of 2013. Rendez-vous at Lapérouse in Paris, during a party given in her honor.

Eva Herzigova : Many people ask me "40.. how does that feel, are you scared?" For me 40 isn't something I'm concerned about when it comes to age, I'm a fulfilled woman, I have a career that is still going, a beautiful family, I'm in love, I manage to achieve my dreams. I think when you go through year by year, you don't even realise how old you are, so it's something I'm really looking forward to!
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