Up Close and Personal with David Provost of Fashion One’s Front Row

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In this season’s Front Row, we’ve met the young and critical, David Provost, as he engage in lively fashion discussions with co-host, Rachel Anthony.

Let’s get up close and personal with this opinionated gentleman and see what he says about the show.

What will you bring to Front Row’s second season?

I will bring a fun and young spirit to Front Row with a critical angle.

I have a strong energetic personality; I like sharing my knowledge about fashion and art in general. I had the chance to live in different cities such as Paris, New York, Sydney and I'm now based in London. I'm an international guy and this gives me a global perceptive to style, fashion and art.

What do you want leave with the audience after watching Front Row?

I want the audience learn to be critical on the trends of fashion and have a point of view; Critical in the sense that viewers knows how to distinguish what they really like. What is extremely important to know: Not all trends in fashion are the right fit for everyone. One needs to distinguish one’s own style.

Next is for them to be innovative and creative. Learn to mix and match styles and items that they already have. Treating clothing as pieces of art, create or put together to make you shine.

Any Fashion tips?

Less "can be" more in Fashion.

You have to make the outfit, and it's not having the outfit that makes you. You make the outfit shine by knowing who you truly are. You need to be proud of it and feel good in it.

Always buy things that actually fit you and are comfortable in - something that matches your personality, your body shape, and occasion. Do not blindly follow what society tells you to wear. You are an individual that can have your very own unique style.

About David

David Provost works as an actor, presenter and artist. David's acting experience has taken him to Australia, France, US and London where he is based at moment. He works in theatre as well as in TV. He also worked as an artist in Belgium and France. Recent projects have included the Demons, Dying for and Macbeth.

Fashion has always been important part in his life. He worked with various designers in Europe and designed garments for events.

David joins Fashion One as co-host for the catwalk chat show Front Row, with international stylist Rachel Anthony.

About Front Row

A fun and informative furrow into fashion’s hottest property’s and the latest from the four must see fashion weeks, with a nod to the cultural influence of global trends, the quirkier indie scene, the historical importance of leading contemporary designers and the economic value of the industry as a whole.

‘Front Row’ is more than just a fashion reportage show; with seasonal critique, obligatory controversy and some well-tailored tittle-tattle, this six part series aims to be mind boggling, bohemian, conceptual, audaciously creative and above all, fun.

Watch Front Row every Thursdays at 8:15pm (Asia GMT+8 / Europe except UK and Africa GMT+2), exclusively on Fashion One.

Author: Carissa Chiu with David Provost (interviewee)
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