Jessica Minh Anh To Host The Iconic Catwalk On Top of America

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It's a sky high fashion for the Big Apple this month as the new One World Trade Center in New York City is set to become a global iconic fashion destination on June 25th, 2014.

Global fashion entrepreneur, Jessica Minh Anh, is about to mark another history in the world of fashion. Known for hosting off-beat locations for fashion runways, Jessica knows how to surprise us with her vivid yet creative vision to turn America’s tallest architectural structure in a sky high fashion showcasing a multicultural Summer Fashion Show.

The model turned entrepreneur will bring together an exquisite combination of Haute Couture, high end Ready-to-Wear, and active wear collections from different continents. Similar to her previous sky high catwalks, there will be a creative mix of simplicity and sophistication with a burst of colors, textures and dramatic flair. The current lineup includes Lebanese celebrity designer Ziad Nakad, Peruvian artist and public figure Norka Peralta, Spanish sensation Diego Cortizas of Chula, Indian fashion house LiBAS Reshma Riyaz Gangji, Indonesian lifestyle brand HAY UNITED, America’s very own accessory brand Cat Footwear, Russian talent Alina German, Brazilian jeweler Cristina Sabatini, and the Philippines’ pride Puey Quiñones. Each designer will premiere a special collection inspired by the symbolic location.

“One World Trade Center isa global icon and is the perfect venue for a fashion show that celebrates designers from across the world.” said Jordan Barowitz, Director of External Affairs for The Durst Organization.

Thrilled for this prestigious fashion event, we might wonder how would Jessica's hairstyle be like. It is for us to find out.

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