Is Calvin Harris Taylor Swift’s New Boy Toy?

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Taylor Swift strikes again, and this time it appears that she’s after the famed producer and DJ, Calvin Harris. Harris, 31-years-old and the world’s highest paid DJ, and Swift, 25-year-old pop star, were spotted doing one of the most couple-y activities in the world together: grocery shopping.

Is Calvin Harris Taylor Swift's New Boy Toy?

Taylor Swift at the Elle Style Awards. (Lexie Appleby/Geisler-Fotopress / Geisler-Fotopress / Picture-Alliance)

The two were spotted at Whole Foods in Nashville, and while they didn’t exhibit any PDA––aside from bonding over oatmeal and soy milk––they were wearing matching outfits that caused many fans to jump to the conclusion that they are indeed hooking up.

Swift and Harris even stopped to talk with a young fan, who is pictured above. A grocery shopper told Hollywood Life, “It was super cool to see them together. At first, we just noticed Taylor and we were like who is the hot guy she's with and someone knew who he was.”

Another source revealed, “Yes for sure they looked like a couple, she had her arm intertwined in his while they shopped in the produce department. Taylor looked really happy and was really friendly to fans who approached her. They both were laughing and seemed to be enjoying each other’s company.”

Rumors that Swift and Harris might be an item first surfaced when the two were spotted flirting and touching each other at the BRIT Awards last month.

What do you think? Could Talvin really be an item? Has Taylor Swift finally settled down? Let us know @FashionOne or below.
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