Chanel Online, Your Credit Card’s Worst Nightmare

Chanel just became your credit card’s worst nightmare, as if it wasn’t already. The French luxury label is one of the last of its kind to resist the market of e-commerce, but according to sources close to Chanel, that is all going to change next year.

The president of the French fashion house, Bruno Pavlovsky, revealed to Women’s Wear Daily that Chanel is, “testing the approach.” According to Pavlovsky, Chanel’s e-commerce site is set to be unveiled in 2016. The Chanel team is hopeful that the site will be live by September 2016, but AFP has reported that the site could be launched, “as early as the first quarter of the year.”

Pavlovsky is keeping quiet about what goods will be retailed on the site, but here’s hoping to a selection of signature quilted bags, ready-to-wear pieces, and maybe even some couture. Currently, the only Chanel products that can be purchased online are sunglasses, cosmetics, and perfume––and these products are only available through third-party retailers like Nordstrom and Bloomingdales.

Currently, only select Chanel products are available online. Image courtesy of Nordstrom.

Currently some 94% of Chanel’s purchases happen in stores, reports Quartz, but it appears that Chanel is finally willing to succumb to the prospect of high end e-tailing. With the recent news of Net-A-Porter and Yoox’s merger, Kanye West purchasing Karmaloop, and Italian luxury brand Fendi opening its luxury e-commerce site, it only makes sense that Chanel stake a claim on the internet’s market too.
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