Karl Lagerfeld Hated ‘Zoolander 2’ at Fashion Week

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Karl Lagerfeld, father of Chanel and the one and only fashion god (sorry Kanye!) has spoken and he is unhappy. In an interesting turn of events, Lagerfeld has revealed that he was not amused by Derek and Hansel’s return to the runway at Valentino’s show in Paris, despite the positive feedback from everyone in the industry––including the notoriously unsmiling Anna Wintour.

In a recent statement to Hello! Canada, Karl said simply about the Valentino spectacle, “I didn’t like it.” Zoolander 2 has already confirmed a whole host of industry favorites including Karlie Kloss, with other stars like Carine Roitfeld and Kristen Wiig rumored to be making cameos.

So, will Karl Lagerfeld be making an appearance? According to the designer, he was approached for a role in the film but refused. Lagerfeld exclaimed, “I don’t want to be in the movie! They wanted me to be in the movie! I’m not an actor.”

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