The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants is Back! Kind of…

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Blake Lively’s newborn daughter James has been causing quite a stir in the media for her unusual name, but this time she’s in the headlines for her not one, but three godmothers. On an episode of VH1’s Morning Buzz Live, it was revealed that the godmothers to Blake Lively’s daughters are none other than her costars from the hit movie series The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants.

Blake’s costars Amber Tamblyn, America Ferrera and Alexis Bledel are all godmothers for baby James, as confirmed by Amber herself. During a round of VH1’s game “Fact Check” host Nick Lachey asked Amber, “The three of you are godmothers to Blake Lively's baby––is that a fact?” to which Amber replied, “That’s a fact.”

The onscreen friends turned actual friends in real life are continuing their lifelong pledge of sisterhood. The four ladies frequently hangout with each other despite the fact that it’s been years since The Sisterhood of Traveling Pants has finished, and the three godmothers were also in attendance at Blake’s wedding in 2012. #FRIENDSHIPGOALS
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