Singapore Jewelry & Gem Fair ‘15

SIN Jewelry from Thailand
SIN Jewelry from Thailand
BKK Gold from Thailand
Foundation Jewellers from Singapore
Galleria Uchihara from Japan
S.P Jewellers from India
S.P Jewellers from India
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Taking place at none other than the beautiful Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the annual Jewelry & Gem Fair showcased a grand total of 100,000 jewelry pieces worth over $2.5 billion dollars. Sparkling diamonds, pearls, precious stones and gems can be found embellished in the rare and exquisite jewelry pieces featured at the fair.

While browsing the aisles upon aisles at the Gem Fair, our hearts and attention were struck by the special and one of a kind pieces. “This isn’t just jewelry, it’s art,” one of the stallholders explained, “You can’t find these kind of pieces in a commercial jewelry store.” With unique embellishments such as a golden Ganesha necklace from India, a beautiful silver carved Ram head bracelet with ruby eyes from Thailand, and bohemian style Singaporean gold rings, we knew he was telling the truth.

Acclaimed jewelers from Belgium, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Africa, Switzerland, Thailand, USA and all over the world have gathered at the Gem fair to display a stunning array of the most exquisite and finely crafted designs. The Gem fair promises “a piece of treasure for everyone” & we couldn’t agree more.

The 4 day event runs from Oct 22nd to 25th.
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