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Front Row Season 3 brings in a new segment on the show “On the Red Carper with Kiri” that will be hosted by our new celebrity correspondent, Kiri Bloore. With her glamour, knowledge and charming personality, Kiri will give us the scoop on what’s in and out on the red carpet.


Let’s find out more about Kiri and the fresh take she’s bringing to the show in this interview.

What’s new on the show?

There’s a new celebrity element, which offers a different viewpoint on fashion. It’s more relatable to the worldwide audience as they see celebrities wearing different gowns.

Seeing the celebrities in these clothes brings it alive. It also gives us an opportunity to see where designers are situated in the fashion world, who’s wearing what, and what’s happening at the moment. Plus we have the added dynamic of, the three of us, offering different opinions on catwalk and celebrity fashion.

The thing that’s really nice about the show is: when somebody is watching a fashion show, it can seem un-relatable and distant, it’s sometimes good to hear opinions about the designers, and facts about the clothes.

It’s a bit down to earth that we can talk about things that might not be written in magazines. Something that would make our viewers say, “I did want to say that it looked inappropriate for everyday work. It’s nice that there’s somebody saying it first.”

The viewers can also join us on our social media in addition to that we have a new webisode element. Front Row now offers an Online extended webisode of my segment on the show’s website as well as on Fashion One’s YouTube channel that will show a more extensive red carpet coverage and reviews. That’s a great thing. Hopefully people can join in and share their opinions on the celebrities we’ve picked, the red carpet, or say whether they completely disagree with Sam or Rachel or will they completely agree with all of us. It’s great that we’ve have a bit more for people to join in with.

What do you want to impart to your audience after watching the show?

We want them to be a part of the show with us. We want them to experience the Red carpet as if they were there, and bring the catwalk shows to them so they feel as if they are perched on the ‘Front Row’ with us, and all the fashion industry experts.

We bring the concept of a magazine to life and want to make the audience feel like they are sat on the sofa with us looking through the magazines, looking through the celebrity clips and discussing the latest trends

A lot of people can’t get into fashion shows and they still remain rather exclusive. It’s impossible even for many in the fashion industry to get into the fashion shows. But we are here to give them a bird’s eye view of fashion and the red carpet.

It’s quite frustrating when you try to look at fashion shows now it’s all about the next season’s wear. We want to talk about what’s currently available, what to wear, what to buy, what happened and what to look for. And Rachel’s comes in to advise us on what particular thing to wear and what we are expecting to see in the shops.

What element does each of your co-hosts bring to the show?

Kiri on Sam: Sam has got an amazing opinion of fashion being a model; she’s bringing the front row to people. She’s bringing that wonderful relatable view on what’s going on in the fashion world. A lot of people in the fashion industry are standoffish, but Sam’s welcoming charm, bringing the knowledge and entertainment factor.

Kiri on Rachel: We’re so lucky to have Rachel offering a stylist opinion on what’s going on in the world of fashion. But we actually get the stylist opinion on what works on people’s body shape, what actually is realistic - nuggets of information that we might never have know.

Which pieces/collection impressed you most?

Diane von Furstenberg for me. It’s everything that I love in fashion - the neon, the pinks, and the wonderful colors. You can give me any outfit from that collection and I would wear it.

As a designer she creates the type of fashion that I can just pick up and put on without needing to accessorize its simple perfection.

Which collection was an upset?

Collections that are so forgettable that I cant remember their names.

We were all in agreement that PPQ was a little disappointing. As they are a homegrown talent, we hoped for more. There are a lot of designers coming out of London and PPQ presented something you can see on TOP SHOP. Don’t get me wrong, I love Top Shop, but it’s nothing new.

But who knows PPQ might surprise us next season. PPQ is holding the limelight maybe because they have a really good publicist.

Fashion tips

A lot of the looks within the world of high fashion are difficult to recreate. But this season we have been given the gift of Monochrome. A design statement it has featured heavily on the catwalk, but the wonderful thing is every single person can create the look with ease.

It’s so simple. Everyone can pull off monochrome

Most stylish celebrity

There’s no one quite like Blake Lively at the moment ‘she has an old school Hollywood glam. She looks beautiful in everything she wears.

She never makes wild statements on the red carpet but she always gets it right, there very few people that can look the way she does time and time again. She has a great classic elegance.

However, lets not forget Nicole Kidman she Is almost always faultless on the Red carpet and with out doubt I would put my money on her to look incredible every time. I think she only had 2 questionable dresses in 10 years and that’s a pretty good record.

Who’s doing it wrong?

Anne Hathaway’s Oscar pink Prada dress wasn’t the most flattering, but she’s so pretty that she’s one of the very few people that could wear that dress and still look lovely

Reese Witherspoon’s prom style outfit was also very disappointing, and not deserving of the Oscars

Favorite celebrity to work with

Robert Pattinson was one of the nicest sweetest kindest persons to interview. His PR was pulling him away and it was bitterly cold outside (-3 degrees) and he stood there and wanted to answer every question. He gave everybody the time of day and he was very lovely. The screaming was so loud it was like being at the Olympics when the Brits took home a gold but regardless of the atmosphere, he still remains a charming young man.

Dev Patel is really charming and sweet

George Clooney – obviously!!

Clive Owen was a little questionable

Michael Fassbender – he’s a lovely lovely guy. He didn’t stop talking for 40 mins.

Keira Knightley - was boring, very sweet but a little lifeless

Most memorable experiences:

When I was covering the royal wedding. I was at the Clarence house the night before the wedding and in Westminster Abbey on the day of the wedding.

At Clarence House, Price Harry and Prince William came out unexpectedly and greeted the crowd; we were one of the only press crews down there so we were able to get an exclusive. It was the most memorable experience because there was a small die hard group of well-wishers it was such a lovely personnel touch from the Royals. I was also stationed at Westminster Abbey on the day of the wedding, based in the press stand just above the church. I felt like I was getting married with them. It was an amazing day and wonderful to be a part of, and showed just what the Brits can do. It was quite wonderful to be there living and breathing every moment of the event.

Which part you love about your job?

You’ll never know where you go next, what you’re going to be doing, I get to meet amazing people, and do amazing shows, see amazing fashion and wear wonderful clothes. Every experience is a bit different when you are a journalist. The craziness of it is fun. It’s a dream job.

About Kiri

As a TV broadcaster and Journalist Kiri Bloore has travelled the globe working in the world of entertainment and fashion. She has also made a name for herself as a celebrity red carpet reporter, covering world premieres as well as film festivals.

She is one of a few broadcasters who were lucky enough to cover one of the world’s largest events in 2011, the Royal wedding, she reported from a coveted position at Westminster Abbey on the day for TLC. Kiri continued her royal theme the following year by covering the Diamond Jubilee.

As the go to girl on the red carpet, Kiri has conducted exclusive red carpet interviews with several Hollywood personalities such as Keira Knightley, Michael Fassbender, Noel fielding, Dev Patel, Robert Pattinson, Tahir Rahim, Clive Owen and Gemma Arterton to name a few.

Kiri cemented her name in the world of fashion with her blog Fashion Forensics, along with hosting at several fashion shows such as the clothes show live and interviewing the likes of I.D Editor Caryn Franklin. There is not much about the world of fashion that Kiri does not already know. Kiri is currently Fashion Editor of Viva London lifestyle magazine.

Her love of animals has led her to support many animal charities including greyhound rescue and the donkeys trust.

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