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This week on Fashion 4K by Fashion One Television, join us for our third episode of Fashion City Tour as we head to Almaty, otherwise known as Kazakhstan’s largest metropolis and the country’s hub of all things fashion and culture. Follow our host as she navigates the city and takes us to some of its most exclusive fashion destinations.

The beautiful city of Almaty in Kazakhstan

Fashion 4K and Fashion One get inside access into Almaty’s fashion scene as we visit specialty stores––like Experimentarium Concept, a multibrand shop that houses collections from local designers––and luxury boutiques––like Aigul’ Kassymova, a designer boutique located in Almaty’s famous Golden Square.

A taste of the world famous Negroni Bar’s European cuisine

Clothes aren’t everything in this style city, however. Seoul’s fashion landscape is also made up of some of Asia’s hottest eateries and hotels. First, we sit down for a taste test at the world famous Negroni Bar––where the high-end selection of European cuisine is paired expertly with their renowned cocktail menu. And finally, after a long day of shopping and indulging, we stop for some much needed R&R at Shymbulak Ski Resort, which is located right in the heart of Kazakhstan’s famous Trans-Ili Alatau mountains.

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Fashion City Tour: Almaty premieres this Tuesday, March 1 on Fashion One and Tuesday, March 8 on Fashion 4K.

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