L’Icona Ferragamo in Greater China: The Vara Girls

L’Icona Ferragamo in Greater China is an online project developed to celebrate and rediscover Ferragamo’s most recognized shoe, Vara. The project, developed in recognition of Vara’s 35th anniversary, includes a digital collection of portraits by renowned NY-based photographer Cedric Buchet, featuring some of the world’s most modern, iconic women – the “Vara Girls”: Michelle Chen, Zhu Zhu, Tong Liya, Zhang Zilin, Li Hui, Jocelyn Luko, Tina Leung, Anina Ho, Feiping Chang, Candice Chan, Annie Chen, Tiffany Hsu, Christine Lee, Jennifer Yin and Sarah Wang, all shot in their choice of Vara or Varina.

L’Icona Ferragamo in Greater China is launching with an exclusive party on Friday, November 22nd at Ozone of The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong. The “Vara Girls” will fly all the way from China and Taiwan for this talk-of-the-town event of the year. Fourteen never-before-seen portraits of the “Vara Girls”, shot in last two months, are being released today. To kick off the celebration, a short trailer of the photo shoot will debut at the party this Friday. The last photograph of our signature “Vara Girl”, the famous actress Michelle Chen, will also be unveiled at the party.

Actress Michelle Chen, from the region of Greater China, considers Vara an equally fashionable and practical shoe and Ferragamo a synonym of elegance. Miss World Zhang Zilin, from China, judges Varina as her longtime favourite among ballerinas, as it’s simple, elegant, delicate, comfortable, and suitable for many occasions. Socialite Anina Ho from Hong Kong thinks Vara's “magic” comes from its bright colours, so lively and daring, and its iconic shape, refined and timeless. Well-known Hong Kong fashion stylist, Tina Leung, recalls that Vara used to be her "grown up lady" shoes, even epitomizing the word "woman"; 20 years later, she still loves them as much as she used to in her childhood. Tiffany Hsu, the famous actress from Taiwan, comments that Ferragamo is perfect to bring out a woman’s elegance and glamour. Annie Chen, also an actress from Taiwan, likes to show different aspects of femininity through her Vara shoes, to be elegant and wild at the same time. For the first time the Vara & Varina shoes are able to be custom ordered, a feature that will also launch to the public once L’Icona Ferragamo is live on 22nd November, 2013, offering through a dedicated menu on http://www.ferragamo.com wide array of colors ranging from the Oxford Blue to the hyper-modern Rose Gold and Silver, to the brand new Fuchsia Pink, Dark beige, and Sapphire.

Credit: Salvatore Ferragamo
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