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After wrapping the morning shoots of Fashion Frontline, I occasionally take a moment to enjoy a frothy hazelnut latte and indulge in a few peaceful moments on the sun-filled patio of my favorite local cafe, Zinc before heading back to the office. Zinc Cafe & Market is one of those quaint, bustling coffee houses located on the art-centric Cedros Avenue in Solana Beach that transports me to a distant, coffee-filled dreamworld with its rich espressos, Persian-inspired delicacies and intimate atmosphere.

Lighten Up

On this morning, I was feeling particularly inspired to dive into my new, very favorite book, MASTER MIND, that I had haphazardly thrown it into my over-sized purse before leaving for the studio in the morning (I guess over-sized bags really do come in handy).

Lighten Up

Today was the perfect San Diego day; the crisp January air, the dark aroma of fresh-brewed arrabbica beans and a few of my favorite reads for a quick caffeine pit stop. While this next statement might make me sound like a third grader, it's also completely true: I adore picture books.

My latest obsession, MASTER MIND is a collection of work by an array of art directors, stylists, and visionary photographers; and trust me, the content is shocking. On this morning, I was struck by the intense, fashion-influenced portraiture of London-based photographer, Jess Bonham. I am by no means a discerning fashion elitist (I'm in it for the pictures), but I felt I had reached a new level of amazed.

Lighten Up

I wish I could say I have a cohesive style, but I'm more of an open, emotionally-fluctuating speaking. My wardrobe choices often reflect my mood and outlook for the day. I also have a fab stylist, Casey Farrington, that can read me like a September Issue of VOGUE ( As a fashion chameleon, I never stick to drab darks just because it's winter. Other than a few droplets of rain and the occasional overcast afternoon, Southern California rarely experiences much deviating weather changes, or real seasons for that matter. In fact, San Diego's sunny "winter" is a bit of a joke to the rest of the Country who shovel snow out of their driveways each day in order to get to work (or so I hear). Rain, even fog, is cause for alarm to most San Diegans who promptly dig out their heaviest coats and shiny rain boots for the few days of "weather" we endure here.

This being said, I'm a firm believer in showcasing one's personality when choosing your look for the day. In this case, a balmy January day had me throwing on a bold canary top, complimented with a vibrant, electric blue necklace. These pops of color usually surface in the spring and summer months, but I say, "to heck with the rules!" On a sunny day in the dead of a California winter, lighten up!

Lighten Up

I despise feeling 'weighed down'. In anticipation for Spring, here are my top 3 'Lighten Your Look' faves you can rock all year long!

1) Smashbox Photo Foundation Primer

This is the perfect serum to start your makeup routine. While it's made for photo and film shoots, I use this sleek primer more often than not. It keeps my skin clear, even and blemish-free. There's nothing hotter than a fresh face!

2) Urban Decay NAKED 2 Eye Shadow Palette

I use this array of shadow colors to transition from a simple, natural day look to smokey-eyed film shoots (and everything in between).

3) Tarte Creaseless Concealer

This is my absolute favorite beauty booster. I was hesitant to buy a 'quick wrinkle fix' (they never work)- but this eye concealer actually corrects fine lines and wrinkles. Bright eyes for under $30?! I'm in love.

- Cheers, Tiffany
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