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Inspiration is not an easy thing to come across, at times most of us hit rock bottom and our brain just remains blank refusing to cooperate. When I get to that point I decide to turn to stories that have occurred before. Real life stories with testimonials from people.

Independence South Africa – I believe that this was the joyous hour of the people of the country. After the pain that had caused tears and the loss of so many people they loved during the time of their struggle.

Fast forward 2014 South African Fashion week Autumn/Winter, designer Laz Yani tells the same story but in an elegant and beautiful way. The amazing jungle green and yellow designs that are so flawless on a woman’s body are not only amazing for the eyes but every woman would definitely want to own in their wardrobe.

When asked about his designs he says, “The collection since it is 1994 and its freedom, I thought let me just play on with some colors so that when you think 1994 you see this. So I was inspired by the people that brought freedom to some point in South Africa, so that is where I got the colors, the sunshine yellow, army green and the black”

Laz Yani also says that, “My inspiration first and fore most is Africa and the African woman specifically because I design for women. So right now, my inspiration comes from the struggle that women go through day to day. I use nets, that is my signature because I have quite a bit of drapery in my pieces because I found out that for my market, it elongates them and gives them the body that they would ideally want”

From South Africa let’s travel all the way to Kenya to the Masai people who are basically the tribe that has decided to preserve their culture, especially in what they wear and it seems that they made a very wise decision. Because of that their materials and fabric have caught the eye of so many people.

Dundas the designer of Emilio Pucci decided to differentiate his designs during the spring summer fashion week by mashing up the basketball, scuba and boxing gear with Masai embroideries.

According to Dundas he decided to use the Masai patterns because they have a lot of colors and energy that makes them so natural and look nice together. This was his way of compensating the sport with something quite rich.

So you see in every story whether painful or joyous there is always a lesson to be learnt. It all depends’ on how you look at it.

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