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Future Face

Its inevitable....We are all ageing every single day. Just last weekend a friend of mine was discussing how she had begun using botox and fillers as she felt her face had changed in her late twenties and it had brought her a new lease of life. I must admit, she did look fantastic and there was no sign of a trout pout to be seen, but, it did get me thinking, what will I look like when I get older?

As a mid twenties girl, it does seem pretty hard to imagine I will ever change. I've always been a cosmetics and beauty buff so all this ageing talk triggered off my curiosity into my own face's future and I came across a new website by SK:N Clinics that lets you see exactly what will happen to your skin if you keep your daily routine as it is now based on a series of questions.

Future Face
Luckily, after the questions you also get practical advice as well as product recommendations on how to future proof your skin and keep the ageing at bay. Interesting right?!?

Check out your own future : www.findyourfutureface.com
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