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On the 29th of August London will be disturbed by unique incredible event at The Langham Hotel: awarding ceremony of Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014.

Awarding ceremony of Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 presents a chance for leading companies on luxury market to confirm their position on the top. Event will be held in the best traditions of international awards. The ceremony of Luxury Lifestyle Awards 2014 implies the concentration of uniqueness, luxury and good taste. It will be beautiful!

The basic idea of event is in the “Bond” style of “Casino Royale”. With basic elements and attributes corresponding concept the Ceremony will be bright, unique and memorable for its originality.

The guests are representatives from 10 European countries. The audience: leading luxury professionals and experts, business owners, top management and CEOs of companies on luxury market.

The ceremony of Luxury Lifestyle Awards will pamper guests in an atmosphere of luxury and create a stylized framework for an open, unfettered communication of all participants, as well as the most effective communication for partners of the event with the target audience.

Dress code for Casino Royale guests and organizers of our evening will be a perfect excuse for impeccably dressed lovely lady to lean on the arm of a man in a tuxedo in the image of the legendary elegance of its continuing James Bond.

Just imagine: spacious hall, whimsical decorations — the walls are decorated with black silhouettes of men and women in the center of the magnificent arch of billiard balls, stylized bullet hole entrance. Heavy neat tablecloths on the tables, draped cloth chairs, lamps in the form of huge crystals... And the lighting — a mysterious, unstable, interspersed shadow and bright splashes of color. Everything is permeated with the anticipation for success, victory, an incredible win!

It is the culmination of the awarding process. Are you ready for Luxury Lifestyle night?

If you want to be witnessing the emergence of new stars on luxury market, contact for tickets and


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