What to Wear: Still Sunny

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As a California native who recently relocated to Tokyo, I’ve been having to come to terms with the fact that I can no longer wear crop tops in the winter. It seems like the only things that have been on my mind these days are sweaters, scarves, and other ways to keep me from freezing to death. That being said, I realize that in some parts of the world the weather is still warm and sunny — so here’s a what to wear guide for those perfect autumn days.

1. The Cropped Sweater

My love of crop tops is unrelenting. Seriously, I buy them all the time. But when the temperature starts to drop, I always find myself cursing under my breath because I have nothing to wear and nothing to keep warm. So what to wear when its too cold for a crop top, and too warm for a coat? A cropped sweater, of course!

What to Wear: Still Sunny


2. The Boyfriend Jeans

Ditch the skinny jeans this season, and steal your boyfriend’s instead. Boyfriend jeans have been spotted on everyone from Nicole Richie to Rihanna, and why? Because they’re cool, comfortable, and universally flattering with the right outfit.

3. The Cut-Out Boot

My personal philosophy is that one can never have too many shoes, especially boots. The cut-out keeps the outfit from looking too stuffy while the point balances out the slouchy denim, making these boots a win-win. A good pair of cut-out boots are just the thing to transition your look from summer to fall.

4. The Bucket Bag

Whether you wear it as a backpack or a purse, I love this style because its easy to wear and highly functional. Its the perfect solution for stashing your scarf and tea tumbler when you’re on the go.

5. Understated Accessories

To complete this look, try a braided belt with a hint of gold to keep up your boyfriend jeans from falling too low, and some slightly oversized stud earrings that your mom might’ve worn in the 80s. Overdoing the accessories might look like your trying too hard, so keep it simple for this one.

Happy dressing!

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