57th Grammy Awards WORST Red Carpet Ever: 20 Worst Dresses of All Time

Recording artist Joy Villa in what looks to be a dress made completely out of orange plastic soda rings.
Helen Lasichanh wearing a hideous grey tracksuit-jumpsuit hybrid. So bad that even having Pharrell on her arm can't help.
Just when we thought Kim was becoming a style icon, she wore this disastrous sequined robe.
Actress Antonique Smith in a monstrous black and red rose print. The color scheme alone is enough to give me chills.
Taylor Swift looks like a runaway mermaid–prom queen. Side note: Why would you ever pair a blue dress with pink shoes?
Actress Zendaya in a glorified bed sheet. That's all.
Sia and dancer Maddie Ziegler, or Cousin Itt and Cousin Itt?
Gloria Gaynor looked anything but glorious in this tragic purple gown.
Charli XCX looked like an angry Easter bunny, just in time for spring.
Nicole Kidman's dress had a turtleneck. Enough said.
Kat Graham's dress looked like a giant Rorschach test and after this red carpet, I'm sure these stars will be seeing a lot of those from their therapists.
Either Bleona Qereti escaped from the circus or stole a Las Vegas showgirl's costume. Either way, this outfit is definitely not red carpet appropriate.
Miley Cyrus' dress had potential. Too bad its 3 sizes too big.
Nicki Minaj had the opposite problem. Her dress is 3 sizes too small.
Jane Fonda looks like she just came out of a 70s time capsule. Why Jane, why?
This outfit suggests that Madonna is on her 3rd (4th?) midlife crisis. Not pictured: her bare bottom.
It's a bread basket, it's uncooked ramen! No, it's Iggy Azalea's hair. Her dress is also bad.
R.I.P. Ciara, who was eaten alive by her dress.
Rita Ora aka the Grammy Awards' personal disco ball.
This weird floral bustier paired with a questionable can-can skirt makes Lila Downs one of the worst dressed of the night/ever.
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The Grammys have taken place and with it, like with any good awards show, comes the best and worst dressed lists by everyone from Vogue to your mom. Choosing the best and worst dressed of the red carpet is usually cut and dry, but this year the Grammy Awards’ red carpet FAILS definitely outnumbered the red carpet hits. It’s official, this year will go down in history as the WORST red carpet the Grammy Awards’, and my poor eyes, have ever seen. Madonna mooned the audience, Iggy Azalea’s hair was actually a bread basket, and Pharrell’s date thought it was appropriate to wear a grey tracksuit. Either Mercury is in retrograde or the apocalypse is finally upon us because I have no idea what these stars were thinking when they hit the red carpet last night.

The 57th Grammy Awards will henceforth be known as the year in which everyone wound up on the worst dressed list, see the gallery of offenders above.
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