30 Influential Looks from the Kanye West X Adidas Collection at NYFW

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The much awaited Kanye West X Adidas Collection was unveiled this morning at New York Fashion Week, and it’s all anyone can talk about. From the A-list attendance and a Kardashian filled front row to Kylie Jenner’s modeling debut and the release of Kanye’s new track ‘Wolves’––the internet and the fashion industry are in a frenzy over everything but the clothes.

The collection itself was a showstopper, but not because of the bells and whistles. Kanye West surprised the crowd with a decidedly––and uncharacteristically––minimalist collection. Oversized and perfectly distressed sweaters were paired with leggings and artfully slouchy pants; parkas and bombers covered nude leotards and were accessorized with the Yeezy 750 Boosts and over-the-knee boots. The color palette featured fifty shades of green with tones of olive, mint, and army green all making an appearance. Nude shades, the occasional pinks and reds, and greys were also included in the show. Accessories were kept minimal with models in the occasional cap or oversized backpack.

All in all, Kanye West’s collection definitely lived up to the hype. Though many will say Kanye’s clothing fell flat, the groundbreaking is in the unobvious. The collection is refreshingly wearable, tastefully minimalist, and artfully executed. It takes a certain skill to make nude body suits and distressed sweaters translate into luxury and high fashion, and Kanye delivered with a bang––regardless of if the industry has decided to hear it yet. So let’s make it official, Kanye West has just forecasted the entire season for the fashion industry. You heard it hear first.
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